What is a Lipidologist?

What is a Lipidologist? (search by Diplomate)

A Lipidologist is a certified physician specializing in the prevention of dyslipidemia (cholesterol and other lipid disorders disorders) or related metabolic diseases (such as diabetes) which often lead to heart disease, stroke or atherosclerosis (vascular disease) . Physicians who have passed a rigorous credentialing and examination process can be certified in clinical lipidology. Such members carry the designation Diplomate, American Board of Clinical Lipidology and are considered by the NLA to be lipidologists. (Please visit www.lipidboard.org for more information.)

Who is a Clinical Lipid Specialist (search by CLS)?

Much like Lipidologists, a Clinical Lipid Specialist (CLS) is a certified physician or related medical or allied health provider (including but not limited to nutrition experts or dieticians, pharmacists, PhD researchers, exercise specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other related professions) who have extended focused study in the treatment paradigms for care and management of patients treated for dyslipidemia. They are certified by examination for their competency by the Accreditation Council of Clinical Lipidology (please visit www.lipidspecialist.org for more information. Often a CLS will lead or work in tandem with other care providers in a comprehensive approach to deliver care strategies for patients treated for dyslipidemia and related disorders.

What does a certification as a BCCL mean?

The Accreditation Council of Clinical Lipidology also offers a Basic Competency in Clinical Lipidology (BCCL) Examination for those medical professionals and related professionals in scientific fields who desire to achieve a higher standard of care for dyslipidemia patients in their practice but for which dyslipidemia or lipid care is not the main focus of their practice. (Please visit www.lipidspecialist.org for more information.) However, BCCL personnel often pursue achievement of the higher level credentials as a Lipidologist or a Clinical Lipid Specialist (CLS).