Awareness • Education • Advocacy • Equality


To improve the welfare of patients and families affected by cholesterol and triglyceride problems.


Supported patients and families with cholesterol and triglyceride problems through education, awareness, and advocacy in order to see a decrease in suffering and death.

About Us

The Foundation of the National Lipid Association is a 501c3 organization formed in 2008 to serve as an education and research organization in the field of clinical lipidology.

The now national Foundation was established from the former Florida Lipid Foundation, whose founder, Paul Ziajka, MD, PhD, FNLA, created a Florida entity to serve the needs of the community of lipidologists.

The Foundation of the NLA, with our leadership consisting of not only lipidologists and cardiologists but endocrinologists, diabetologists, internal medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, and dietitians, aims to translate scientific and medical progress into the efficient comprehension of management standards and guidance for patients, and guide clinicians in advancing medical care for their patients.