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While cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a longstanding health challenge impacting every segment of the American population, minority populations, in particular, face disparities in CVD risk factors, prevalence, and mortality, as shaped by social determinants that drive health inequities. Policymakers and providers must work together to address these disparities and improve outcomes for minority patients with CVD or at-risk of developing CVD.

Watch here about the impact of CVD on minority populations and the policy solutions that can help us reverse the rising tide of CVD deaths in the U.S.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is an urgent national crisis that requires renewed attention as the number of cardiovascular deaths is on the rise after decades of decline. While the broad impact of CVD is recognized as a serious problem, women with the condition often go underdiagnosed and undertreated as compared to men — and nearly half of women are unaware that CVD is their leading cause of death. And while CVD is often associated with aging, for many individuals it can begin in childhood, with lasting impacts throughout their lifespan.

Watch here about the impact of cardiovascular disease on women and children and the policy changes needed to improve patient outcomes.

After a decades-long decline, the number of cardiovascular deaths is on the rise again. As organizations working to advance cardiovascular health and the interests of medically underserved communities, the Foundation of the National Lipid Association and the National Medical Association launched the Take Health to Heart initiative to drive public policy change to enable better access to optimal care and treatment, advance a more equitable healthcare system, and, ultimately, stop the rise in cardiovascular deaths.

The Mended Hearts® program is the nation’s premier peer-support program for patients who have cardiovascular disease, their caregivers and their families. Since its humble beginning in 1951, Mended Hearts has served millions by providing support and education, bringing awareness to issues that those living with heart disease face, and advocating to improve quality of life across the lifespan.

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